Horus Kol

Software Development

I am currently working as Development Team Lead for a small publishing company in Adelaide, SA. Our main focus is on improving and supporting the company's electronic update process - with content being delivered on mobile phones, desktop browsers, and other means. We also maintain and develop the administration and e-commerce sites, along with some other software projects here and there. I am also the systems administrator for all the Linux and Unix based servers we have there.

I generally work with PHP (Zend and Drupal) and HTML/CSS/JavaScript - although I have also worked with C++/Qt, Visual Basic, and Perl.

My first programming job was creating a company intranet to provide access to documentation and software tools for about 80 users. This was pretty much where I cut my teeth on PHP and MySQL (I started in 2002 not knowing anything about web development).

My previous job was creating custom solutions for a variety of clients - mostly membership and content management systems, but also another company intranet. This one was much larger (there were 8 intranet servers around the globe for one), and this was where I learned to program as part of a team.